3 Signs That Your Partner Has “Own Right”

Most relationships today suffer from this common problem known as Self right.

Basically, this is when an individual considers themselves to be deserving of undeserved privileges.

These are the people who believe life owes them; a reward, a measure of success, and a certain standard of living among many other everyday things.

Just to be on the safe side, here are three common traits to look out for:

1. Have the “me for you” mentality

A sense of entitlement brings an uncompromising attitude. There is a lack of understanding of the needs of others and of certain social situations, accompanied by the expectation that you should be much more interested in their lives than they are in yours.

There is an exaggerated sense of self-importance accompanied by fantasies of power, beauty, and brilliance. Compromises, where one has to meet others halfway, do not exist in the world of rights holders. All others are competition – threatening to their own success – or irrelevant.

2. Double standards

While unyielding to the requests of others, complacent individuals make unrealistic demands, unaware that their personal happiness is at the expense of another.

Ungrateful attitudes are often directed against you after you have done a good deed for them. For example, you might constantly change your routine to accommodate their plans, but they never offer to reciprocate, even when you really need it. In addition, they often seem completely oblivious to the inconvenience they have caused you.

3. The feeling of justified anger

The complacent are no strangers to confrontation. Often known for tantrums that surpass any toddler’s tantrum, their ruthless, selfish attitude allows them to believe this is warranted.

Their anger can also simmer passively; rolled eyes indicate their contempt for those around them. Simmering negativity is displayed in cynical and overly critical positions.

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