5 Different Kinds Of Tasty Sauces You Should Try With Your Pasta

You would think that Italian cuisine is all about pasta, but the different types of pasta sauce you prepare for your dish are just as important!

Whether you make one from your great-grandmother’s recipe or buy a jar of sauce from your local grocery store, there are different types of pasta sauces to suit every taste, taste, and eating preference.


1. Bolognese

Bolognese is one of the most popular and delicious pasta sauces and is known to be loved by people who like to incorporate meat into their pasta dishes. Bolognese takes its name from the Italian city of Bologna.

The sauce usually contains minced meat, tomatoes, onions, carrots, celery, white wine, cream, butter and some spices. This sauce is usually served over your pasta of choice and topped with hard cheese like Parmesan to add some extra flavour.

2. Ragu

Ragu is another traditional Italian sauce that, like Bolognese, is also meat-based. Ragus is traditionally thick on the meat and only a small amount of tomato sauce is added for flavour.

Bolognese is technically a type of ragu, and you’ll find countless ragu recipes that include not only beef, but also veal, chicken, pork, and even horse meat. As a thick sauce, ragu is best served with long noodles and is the meatiest spaghetti sauce you can try at home.

3. Marinara

This is the ultimate classic Italian pasta sauce. It unites the richness of fresh tomatoes stewed with aromatics such as garlic and onions.

A dash of fresh oregano and a few chilli flakes give the sauce an unforgettable kick. Being a thinner sauce, it goes best with spaghetti as it coats each noodle.

4. Arrabiata

Arrabiata is the best sauce for a spicy, fiery meal. It’s a tomato sauce cooked in garlic and chillies which gives it a hot, smoky flavour. It is easy to prepare and best for a hearty meal that will be like an explosion of flavours in your mouth.

The spiciness of chillies, the soothing nature of tomatoes and the addictive smell of garlic will stay on your tongue forever.

5. Seashell

Clam sauce starts with a nice thick red pasta sauce (white sauce works too) and adds clams for a rich flavour. Serve with linguine or spaghetti noodles and fresh garlic bread on the side.

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