Can A Ps4 Charge A Ps5 Controller?

Do you know if a Ps4 can charge a Ps5 Controller?

There has been much discussion and debate lately about the latest PlayStation console, the PS5. One of the most hotly contested topics is whether or not the PS5 can charge PS4 controllers.

Sony has remained tight-lipped about this particular feature, and so the question remains unanswered for now.

In this article, we will take a look at the evidence and try to come to a conclusion about whether or not the PS4 can charge PS5 controllers.

Can A Ps4 Charge A Ps5 Controller? - 247Surfing

What you need to know about the Ps4

The Ps4 is a gaming console that was released in 2013 by Sony. The Ps4 was released as the successor to the Ps3.

It is a powerful console that offers high-quality graphics and an immersive gaming experience.The Ps4 has been successful and has sold over 86 million units worldwide.

One of the features of the Ps4 is that it can charge other controllers. So, can a Ps4 charge a Ps5 controller? The answer is yes. The Ps4 can charge any Bluetooth-enabled controller. This includes the Ps5 controller.

So, if you have a Ps4 and you want to be able to use the new Ps5 controller, you don’t have to worry. You can simply charge it using your Ps4.

What you need to know about the Ps5

Sony has not yet released information about the PS5, so we don’t know for sure whether or not it will be able to charge PS4 controllers.

However, it is likely that the PS5 will have the same type of USB port as the PS4, which means that you should be able to use a PS4 charger to charge your PS5 controller.

Can a Ps4 charge a Ps5 controller?

There has been some speculation on whether a Ps4 can charge a Ps5 controller. While there has yet to be an answer, it seems plausible that the two devices could share a charger.

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However, it is important to note that Sony has not released any information confirming this.


Can A Ps4 Charge A Ps5 Controller? - 247Surfing

Tips on how to charge your Ps5 controller

It’s no news that Sony’s Ps5 controller is a wireless Bluetooth device. This implies that in order to use it, you need to have a charged controller.

Even though the battery is rechargeable, it might run out of power while you are gaming, and you would not want that to happen. So, how do you charge it? The answer is quite simple.

All you need is a Ps4 console and a micro-USB cable. Connect the cable to the Ps4 console and the other end to the charging port on the back of the controller.

The light will turn orange to indicate that it’s charging, and when it’s fully charged, the light will turn green. You can also use a USB wall charger or power bank to charge your controller.

How to care for your Ps5 controller

Ps4 controllers cannot charge Ps5 controllers. However, there are ways to extend the life of your Ps5 controller. Be sure to unplug the controller after use and avoid getting it wet.

You can also clean it with a lightly damp cloth. If the controller somehow becomes damaged, you can purchase a replacement from the Sony website.


With the release of the Ps5, there have been a lot of questions about how the two consoles compare and interact.

In this article, we aim to answer the question of whether or not a Ps4 can charge a Ps5 controller. We’ll also provide tips on how to charge your Ps5 controller and how to care for it. Thanks for reading!

We really appreciate your time!

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