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How To Reset Your Airpods Pro Without Case

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If you’re like me, you use your AirPods Pro all the time. But sometimes, they need a reset. Here’s how to do it without the case!

How To Reset Your Airpods Pro Without Case

How To Reset Your Airpods And Airpods Pro

If you’re like most persons that likely use your airpods all the time. But what arises when they start misbehaving? If your airpods are acting strangely, or you just want to reset them back to factory settings, here’s how to do it.

First, be certain that your airpods are in their case and that the case is charged. Then, open the lid of the case and press and hold the setup button on the back for about 15 seconds. This will reset your airpods and clear any stored data.

If you’re still having trouble with your airpods, you can try resetting them using iTunes. To do this, connect your airpods to your iPhone or iPad and open iTunes. Then, select your airpods from the list of devices and click “Restore.” This will erase all data from your airpods and restore them to their factory settings.

How To Reset Your Airpods Pros Without Case

1. Put the AirPod in your hand.
2. Press and hold the multi-function button on the back of the charging case for at least 20 seconds.
3. The two indicator lights will quickly flash white, then go out when finished resetting, and you are ready to sync with your Phone or other bluetooth devices.

How To Factory Reset Your Airpods And Airpods Pro

1. If you don’t factory reset your AirPods, your battery life will drain faster.
2. Hold down the pairing button on both AirPods and Apple Watch for 10 seconds.
3. Take out the bottom AirPod.
4. Put one in the case and charge it all night.
5. Put the second one in the case and charge it all night.
6. The next day, repeat the process with the other AirPod.
7. Double-check that your phone is disconnected from power or Bluetooth.



If you’re having trouble with your AirPods Pro, resetting them is a good way to start troubleshooting. In most cases, you can do this without even opening the case. If you can’t seem to get your AirPods Pro reset, make sure you’re doing it correctly by following the steps in this article.

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