The Healing Power Of A Good Cry

Crying is a natural human response to a variety of emotions, such as sadness, sadness, excitement, and frustration.

However, contrary to some beliefs that crying is bad, it can be beneficial.

Dr. Sabrina Jackson, the people expert, told Fox 2 that there are many benefits to crying well. “Well, it really helps you clear, it helps you get things out of you.

There are actually three reasons why we cry; we cry to clean the eye, we cry because there may be an injury or infection in the eye or allergies to the eyes, but the third is emotions,” she says.

Here are the benefits of crying, according to Dr. Sabrina:

Our sleep has improved; we sleep better when we get a good cry and purify that cry.

It helps relieve your pain when you cry, and it also helps to calm yourself down and reduce the level of discomfort.

It releases toxins. Toxins in the body can flow through the tears.

It improves your mood. After a good cry, you should feel better because these hormones leave your body, making you feel better than before.

It helps neutralize your stress and keeps your body in check.

Crying can alert others around you that you need help. It gets your support from others because there’s something about man; when we see other people crying, we want to help them. So it empowers people to help and help us.

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