Why Couples Should Not Have Children Immediately After Marriage

Raising children is a serious time commitment.

The idea that children can break up marriages and relationships is very true. There are many consequences and responsibilities that come with parenting

One of the biggest mistakes adults make is having kids they don’t want or aren’t ready for.

Below are 10 reasons why couples should not have children after marriage.

1. Tension relationships

Marriages tend to suffer after the birth of a child. Bringing kids into a relationship changes a lot of things. Whether it’s causing frustration, financial constraint, or just more fighting, these issues can lead two people to break up.

2. Invest time

Parents must invest a lot of time in teaching children essential skills and values, and this often means sacrificing their own passions and needs.

3. Financially burden

Between diapers, formula, clothes, food, furniture. children can be very expensive. You will have to spend more on a child than you would spend on yourself.

4. Parents are generally less healthy

Every new parent loses as much as 109 minutes of sleep per night for the first year after having a baby. You tend to eat unhealthy and less because you have a baby to think about.

It can be very unhealthy and you can experience daytime sleepiness, anxiety, depression, unrefreshing sleep and fatigue.

5. Negative influence on happiness

Having children makes most couples unhappy and stressed every day. Children are expensive, making it difficult for some parents to pay the bills.

6. Workplace bias

Motherhood raises the assumption that women are less competent and less committed to their careers. You are not taken seriously when you do your job.

7. Life on hold

Whether you want to travel or go out with your friends or do something together as a couple. When a child is involved, you have to put things on hold. Children would be the first priority and your needs will come next.

8. Global warming

Not having children will have a much greater effect on carbon dioxide emissions and is therefore one of the best things you can do for the environment. This will be great as you will reduce energy use at home, travel, food choices.

9. Work-life balance disruptions

You will struggle to balance your work life and spend time with your children and not sleep because your child was up all night. This can negatively affect your professional reputation or lead to dangerous or costly mistakes.

When you are tired, your ability to work productively and think clearly can suffer.

10. Energy requirement

As a parent you need more energy. You can no longer have lazy days where you spend most of the day in bed. Your time will be resolved around your child and you would fit their schedule.

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